My friend BENJAMIN KLEMA wrote a 25 minute “short” film (that’s actually a farily long short -  a very impressive accomplishment)! I’ve worked with Benjamin on a few comedic shorts - the guy is suuuper talented. In Catalyst, Benjamin delves into a little darker subject matter, but maintains a realistic and relatable edge. Me gusta.

Catalyst is in the final round for competition for the Nashville Film Festival and has been submitted to others as well.

Check it out! And if you want to reach out to up-and-coming filmmaker Benjamin Klema, his Facebook page is below.


Simone Finch… not so much.

My friend Simone is a very interesting blogger for a very interesting site called the Daily Date. 

In the article below, Simone recounts her hellacious juice diet, complete with deathly allergic reaction and requisite E.R. visit.

In an age of weirder and weirder fad diets, here’s to eating normal food like a normal person!


I’m crapping pants. It’s my standard Friday morning ritual. But it doesn’t help that I just watched this HILAROUS video posted by my good friend WHITNEY RICE and the super-talented CHRISTOPHER PARSON. I mean, this is some great physical comedy. if you pause the video at any given moment you are sure to come away with a very awkward screenshot. I personally like to pause the film at the part where pasta tendrils are dangling from Whitney’s mouth like walrus tusks and she just has this confused look on her face. I could stare at that image for hours.

But seriously, both actors look stunning in this short, thanks in large part to the hair and make-up stylings of another friend, JAALA PICKERING (who is also a talented actress in her own right.)

Check out the video above and the link to Whitney’s website below!


Want to navigate the top L.A. tourist destinations?

Want to understand the socio-political differences between Brentwood and Koreatown?

Want to learn how to pursue a career in the adult film business (hit: lube is NOT optional.)?

Forget Frommers. Forget Star Maps. MATT SHORE’S Guide to Los Angeles is the number one resource for tourists and new transplants looking to get a secure footing in the City of Angels.

Matt has posted several episodes of the video blog on his YouTube page (handle: DeltaKnightOne). My favorite episode, which I posted above, is called “Spite, Stabbings and Hobo Showers.”

It’s a totally serious advice blog. Not ironic at all.

Check out Matt’s blog (link below) for more cool stuff, including video game reviews, which I hear are big among the XY crowd.


Dudes. There are a lot of podcasts out there. To quote my friend JOHN SILVER (@BlueLanugo on Twitter), If there are only 7 billion people in the world, how come there are over 9 billion podcasts? I think some people are doing more than one.” 

With podcasts too numerous to sift and sort through, it can be hard to find a good one.

This is a good one. It happens to be hosted by my good friend NATE SHELKEY (you’ve seen Nate in a bagillion commericals and several TV shows) and Nate’s friend NATASHA LEVINGER. It’s well-done… theme music, sound bytes, special guests, all of it.

What is the Ro-Co Review, you might ask?

Well, Ro-Co is an abbreviation for the “Romantic Comedy,” a controversial, yet popular, film genre. 

The Ro-Co Review is, as the name suggests, a podcast that reviews romantic comedies. Nate and Natasha watch ‘em and dissect ‘em - tossing in a hefty sprinkle of banter. They also exploit Natasha’s young daughter for comedic purposes (not, like, in a creepy way).

From Footloose to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Nate and Natasha cover the Ro-Co spectrum (you might argue that that’s not much of a spectrum considering the names of those films start with the same two letters. But I digress.). With a new film every week, you have no excuse not to know the ins and outs of Phoebe Cates’ performance in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (arguably more of a slacker film than a Ro-Co, but we aren’t here to argue) or the vague details of LENNON PARHAM’S new show on NBC because they talk about that too*. And Lennon Parham talks about this guy I also know, LUKA JONES, who is on her new show. So that’s exciting. Like I said, it’s a spectrum. With special guests.  

* Lennon Parham is a special guest on Episode #12 - “13 Going on 30”

You can stream the Ro-Co review for free on iTunes. Or click the link below. 

Source: rocoreview

My friend KOVAS was just another guy sitting in acting class on Monday night. (Already a talented musician, writer and producer, this guy has been working overtime developing a TV show and finessing his acting chops.)

As Kov was busy working his scene, his song “Grape Drank” was blasting on MTV’s Caged, just one of the many synchs of this catchy, clubby record.

Check out the single for free via the link below.

If you like what you hear, check out Kovas’ new single with ANDY MILONAKIS, which comes out next week.


Hey guys! This is the inaugural post on the site… woohoo!

I invite you to check out this hilarious video starring my friend, JAMIE PETITO. Jamie is a regular on the UCB circuit, an fantastic character actress and a totally awesome person in general. 

Feat: Erik Voss, Dir: Ryan Moulton